Wirelessly Link TV or Computer to your HiFI with Marmitek Audio Anywhere 685

Flat screen TV’s are great, but more often than not they sound terrible. Now the Marmitek Audio Anywhere 685 allows you to wirelessly link your TV to your HiFI or Home Cinema system, making all your fav TV shows and movies sound great, as well as all those digital radio stations on your telly.

The transmitter connects to the digital audio output on your TV (coaxial or toslink), while the receiver is connected to your audio system (Marmitek also produce the Audio Anywhere 625 if your  TV only has an analogue audio output).

Marmitek Audio Anywhere 685

The Audio Anywhere uses ‘Advanced Auto Frequency Hopping’ technology for a stable connection without WiFi interference and the wireless link is automatically established once your TV is switched on and is disconnected once it’s switched off.

The unit supports the most common 2 to 5.1 channel digital audio signals, from stereo audio to DTS and Dolby Digital surround and can be used to connect your computer as well as your TV.

Available now for around £75

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1 Comment on "Wirelessly Link TV or Computer to your HiFI with Marmitek Audio Anywhere 685"

  1. This is presumably for people whose TV is the other side of their room to their hifi, in which case, where are their main speakers????

    Presumably not near the TV, or else, if you can run speaker wire between these two locations, you could run an optical?

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