Useful Gadget of the Week: Remote Control Colour Changing LED Light Bulb

Here’s a gadget that could be a hit over the holidays.  The Auraglow is an inexpensive remote control colour changing 10W LED lightbulb that’s available in B22 Bayonet or E27 Screw fittings.

Tell yourself you bought it for its energy-saving properties, then burn it all night changing colours (and moods) as you please.

While there are a pile of these things to choose from, the Auraglow scores well on Amazon reviews and with he included compact IR remote control you might even be able to integrate it with your proper home automation kit.

You can switch the Auraglow bulb on or off, change the colour, Dim the bulb, change to Warm White light or choose from any of these five colour changing programs.

– Static – either in your preferred colour or pure White light
– Fade – gradually fades through each colour in the spectrum
– Strobe – turns Red, Green and Blue on and off in fast sequence
– Smooth – gently switches from Red, Green and Blue
– Flash – jumps to a different colour every second

Now where’s that Bee Gees CD 🙂

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