C-Bus L5504D2U Universal 4-Channel Dimmer



News on a new C-Bus 4 channel universal dimmer from Li at the cbus-shop.com

"A new 4-channel C-Bus dimmer has been launched by Clipsal in Australia.  The L5504D2U is a universal dimmer with the secifications below.  We are currently awaiting a delivery date for this module into the UK.

  • 4 channels of 2.5A rating per channel.
  • Suitable for low-voltage electronic transformers, incandescent lamps and iron-core transformers.
  • Automatic load sensing.
  • 200mA C-Bus power supply.
  • Individual dimmer channels may be wired to any mains voltage phase.
  • LED channel indication for: leading edge or trailing edge mode, no load or no mains supply to channel.
  • Thermal overload of channel and short-circuit cut-out of channel.

L5504D2U PDF Document : cbus-shop.com


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