C-Bus Toolkit Public Beta


Clipsals software team leader, Duncan Margetts, has today announced the first public beta of the new V3 of the Clipsal installation software – now named ‘C-Bus Toolkit’.

“This release is a major step forward for CIS, it represents approximately 2 years work for our Software Team, not only does it support almost every C-Bus Unit that CIS has released but it also supports the range of new units that have recently been launched including the C-Bus Wireless range and the Dynamic Labelling Technology (DLT) Units. Additionally, the software gives us a very stable, powerful platform that will enable us to quickly deliver new and improved functionality

We invite all interested users to download and experience this software. An enormous amount of testing has been completed on this software but we still anticipate that small defects will be found. We apologise in advance and look forward to your feedback so that we can take this package through to completion over the next few weeks.

Training Manuals and Usage Guides will be soon be available via this Forum.

For feedback on this product, we warmly invite you to interact with the Software Development Team and the Training and Technical Support Team via this forum. Problem reports should be accompanied by as much information as possible including your Windows Version, Toolkit Version and details of how to recreate the problem.

The software is available here. It is a 23.2MB download. Subsequent releases will generally be considerably smaller.

At this time we recommend that if you’re currently using C-Gate 1.5 for a commercial installation that you do NOT install this package on that machine. A migration tool will be made available to update those sites currently using C-Gate 1.5

READ THE RELEASE AND DOWNLOAD HERE (free registration required)

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