Clipsal C-Bus Spectrum Touchscreen Launching Soon in the UK

Clipsal C-Bus Spectrum Colour Touchscreen

Schneider Electric, the UK distributors of Clipsal C-Bus products, tell us they are hoping to launch the new C-Touch C-5000CT2 Spectrum Touchscreen next month.

The unit is available in wall mounted or desktop versions and includes infrared remote control capability plus proximity sensing for control or screen wake up.  The new display supports 65k colours and shares fascias with the black and white version.  An RS232 port for third party integration and a front mounted USB programming port are also included.  Read on for the specs and retail prices.

“The Clipsal C-Touch Spectrum builds on the success of the B&W MKII Touch screens with new features and a bright new appeal. The unit connects directly to the C-Bus network where it is wholly powered via a dedicated four-way removable phoenix connector, which is located on the rear of the in-wall unit, and under the base of the desktop unit.

In-wall models take advantage of the same mounting hardware as the B&W MKII model. The range of fascias for the in-wall version, include the sensing loop for the proximity sensing feature whilst the desktop has this feature built in.

Installer Features – To ensure the in-wall unit is fast and easy to install in clad walls, mounting wings provide easy fit-off without the need for wall plates or plaster brackets.  Further installer benefits include:

  • Programming via a standard USB port on the front (under the fascia for the in-wall models) or on the side of the unit
  • USB port can be used as a PC interface to the C-Bus system
  • Uses same installation hardware and accessories as the B&W MKII Series product
  • Available with or without C-Bus Logic Engine
  • Powered wholly from C-Bus
  • Desktop version can be fixed to the table top.

User Features – To provide the user with an improved interface, the following has been included:

  • Wide range of fascia colours and styles are available
  • Anti-fingerprint screen
  • 65k colour screen
  • Proximity sensing for wake-up and control functions.

The unit is available in a non-logic version [C5050CT2WE] at £1,111+VAT and a version with logic on board [C5080CTL26] at £1,461+VAT.   :   C-Bus on eBay   :

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1 Comment on "Clipsal C-Bus Spectrum Touchscreen Launching Soon in the UK"

  1. Seems to be too expensive comparing with the B/W Mark II touch screen.

    In Australia, spectrum is 20% more expensive than MKII. Why, in UK we have to pay more than 100%???

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