Clipsal C-Bus Wiser Home Controller

Clipsal C-Bus Wiser Home Controller

We’ve noticed through interweb chatter that Clipsal have launched a new Home Controller called “Wiser”.

As usual we’ve received no press release or announcement from Clipsal / Schneider and there appears to be no information available to the UK distributors either, but here’s what we’ve found so far…

The Wiser system comprises of an Ethernet router / Wi-Fi access point with support for lighting, air-conditioning, multi-room audio and other home automation equipment.  It uses “easy to understand Wizard based user interface graphics” and has built in scene support plus scheduling and logic programming.  It can be reprogrammed remotely across the internet.

The following items make up the Wiser Home Controller system:

  • Wiser Home Controller router
  • C-Bus Network Interface (CNI)
  • Busbar assembly
  • 1 GB USB drive (with links to software and documentation)
  • Power supply
  • Network cable
  • Link and support stand

“In the past, you’ve needed to learn how to operate a whole lot of different and sometimes complicated equipment. You needed one controller for your air conditioner, another one for your security system, another one for your irrigation system, and loads of remote controls for your TV and audio equipment. It was all too hard!

Clipsal C-Bus Wiser Home Controller

Wiser provides one consistent and intuitive control for everything you want to control. You get the same look and feel on every device, any time, anywhere; from a light switch, a touch screen, a home computer, or even from your digital TV. For example, lights are operated with a light bulb icon, sound systems by a speaker icon, and irrigation by a tap icon… it can’t get any simpler than that.

With Wiser, you can operate nearly anything, from almost anywhere: touch screens, wall switches, web tablets, remote controls, mobile phones, computers, even your TV! And you can do it when you’re home… or via the Internet or a mobile phone when you’re out. Whatever you want, whenever you want it, wherever you are.

Clipsal C-Bus Wiser Home Controller

For example… you’re outside cooking a barbecue and want to listen to some music, simply grab your mobile phone out of your pocket and turn on your multi-room audio system. Or if you’re sitting down to watch a movie, and decide that you’re too cold, use your remote control, and adjust the temperature via a Microsoft™ media centre menu on your TV.

But it’s not just about you controlling it… with Wiser, your home can make things happen automatically according to your lifestyle and routine. You can be gently woken on week days to your bed lamps and music fading up slowly, followed by curtains opening, and your alarm system deactivating from night mode. And when you leave for work, simply press the “goodbye” button and your lights will turn off, blinds close, music fade and air conditioner power down.”

  • You can pass through the Wiser to C-Bus using Toolkit. This means you will be able to program/reprogram C-Bus both locally (wirelessly or on the LAN) or remotely through an internet connection
  • You can reload the Wiser project remotely should your client want changes
  • Your client can access their system remotely via the net via a Web browser or a Flash Projector executable file (a little added security and reduction in bandwidth)
  • You have a full logic engine, scheduler, and scene engine
  • You can create projects with a fantastic look and feel, in a fraction of the time with pre-designed backgrounds (skins) and Widgets
  • There is a Vista Media Centre plugin
  • Wiser supports Network Time Protocol (NTP) for accurate time and date across C-Bus
  • Supports newer C-Bus devices such as Thermostats, Shutter Control and MRA Transport Control
  • Has an on-board email client for POP3 non-secure email checking and sending (also enhanced in logic)
  • Has an on-board RSS feed client
  • PICED has an active Widget preview and simulation mode for testing project aspects before loading to the controller”

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  1. What’s with the Iphone HTC Love child?

  2. Is this product in beta? I ask owing to the slow skimming strategy of it’s introduction – limited to Australia with sales limited to C-Bus engineers.

    When will it arrive in the UK? Why do I need C-bus certification? I get Clipsal want to control supply to experts to better the experience, yet many experts are first and foremost electricians, not developers or IP architects.

    Wiser, when will we (UK) get it, how much, and will I be able to buy it?

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