Clipsal HomeSpeak

Submission by Brian Hanisch – Many customers are now installing Clipsal C-Bus systems in their homes. Clipsal this year have released a new product called Clipsal HomeSpeak, which will allow individuals to control their home from anywhere in the world using speech and every day language.

Any device connected to Clipsal C-Bus can be controlled. Lights can be switched on and off or even dimmed at a particular rate and to any level (e.g George please lower the lights by 53% over 1 hour starting at 7 pm); CD tracks selected and much more.
One of the key benefits of this software is that it is very easy to configure and users don’t need to understand the technology or remember commands – they simply speak (or type)and their ‘electronic partner’ obeys.

See and look for Clipsal HomeSpeak broachure.

Clipsal HomeSpeak also ships with a full copy of award winning Dragon Naturally Speaking. This provides customers with full control over their desktop.

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