Clipsal Release Native USB C-Bus to PC Interface

Clipsal 5500PCU

Clipsal have released a new C-Bus PC interface incorporating a USB socket for connecting a PC to a C-Bus network. The 5500PCU is the first C-Bus to PC interface that doesn’t require RS-233 or a serial to USB convertor.


  • Provides a native USB connection front a PC to a C-Bus network (ie no RS-232 to USB cable required)
  • Housed in a 4M DIN Rail enclosure
  • The USB port is easily accessible from the front of the unit
  • Utilises a sturdy USB B-Type connector
  • The unit is supplied complete with a 3m USB cable
  • The unit uses the same US cable type as the 5500PACA
  • Contains a C-Bus network burden and is capable of generating a C-Bus system clock signal

5500PCU Installation PDF :

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