Convergent Living Offers C-Bus Driver

“Home control specialist Convergent Living has announced that the Clipsal C-Bus driver will now integrate into its Companion ecosystems or pre-integrated subsystem drivers. The company says this means C-Bus installers can have a seamless, integrated IP-based lighting control smartscreen without needing additional equipment or servers.

“Companion whole home control appliances incorporate “best of breed” subsystems and Clipsal’s C-Bus is certainly a system with global respect and recognition”, said Convergent Living CEO, Craig Slawson.

“Now professionals have a choice of leveraging the Comfort control panel (or Clipsal variant) for security, doorphone, C-Bus lighting and Honeywell HVAC or connect the Companion touch screens directly via serial to the C-Bus system and leverage security, HVAC from other pre-integrated partners…plus multi-room audio, media servers, weather stations, pool/spa control drapes/blinds and more on a single smartscreen”.

The company has also just received a patent to cover its smartscreen control architectures: “Our Companion Touch Screen out of the box plug and play offering is already a unique approach to mass market deployment. Add the patent which covers integrated platforms for the purpose of home automation and control and we have defined our footprint in the market for affordable home touch home controllers,”says Business Development Director, Mario Papadopoullos. “Controlling WMC and X-Box 360 via our (Linux based) platforms multiplies the patent’s leverage to our offering as we are able to offer a very reasonably priced distributed AV system driven via a Windows / Linux best of breed mix,” he added. “We are obviously very pleased to see this initial patent come to fruition” said Convergent Living President, Craig Slawson. “We were early pioneers in the advent of IP-based control systems leveraging the embedded architectures that our team helped to invent in the late 1990’s and while the patent process is expensive and arduous, it is worth protecting innovative, industry-changing products like the Companion whole home controllers.”   :   Via:

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