iRidium Release V2.1 with Support for C-Bus, MyHome & Helvar

iRidium is a software package to visualize and control any Home Automation System, AV equipment or Media Server with full two-way communication that enables control from any device using any customised interface.  V2.1 has just launched and with it the 5 new features below plus support for Clipsal C-Bus, MyHome and Helvar devices…

Intercom Support – You can use Intercom function on iOS, Mac or Windows platforms for external Intercoms, communication between control panels and cell phone calls.  iRidium works with all call panels that support SIP-Intercom.

Support of Stream Video H.264/mpeg4 – With the new iRidium V2.1 you can use Modern DVRs, Modern IP-cameras and Modern Intercom panels.

Multi-design – You can upload as many projects on your control panel as you want. It’s crucially important, if your client wants to control multiple objects. Your customer is free to choose any interface for any object!

Notification – Minimized or not, iRidium will flash notification on your iOS device to control Intercoms and to inform about an emergency (movement sensor, leakage sensor, etc.) Make your customers feel calm and secure with the new notification function.

Interface Wizard – The new interface wizard includes a variety of interface designs, auto-scaling to the required screen resolution and quick interface changes on any stage of the project  Create a brand new interface in just 2 minutes!

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