New C-Bus 3-in-1 Sensor


The CBus Shop now has stock of the new “5753PEIRL”, 3-in-1 Indoor PIR Movement, Light level & IR Combined Sensor…”The C-Bus 360 Degree Multi-Sensor is a C-Bus input unit that incorporates a PIR Occupancy Sensor, a Light Level Sensor and an Infrared Receiver in a single unit. The PIR Occupancy Sensor and Light Level Sensor provide automatic control based upon movement and light levels, whilst the Infrared Receiver allows users remote control of a C-Bus installation.

The sensor incorporates the C-Bus ‘Learn Mode’ feature. Learn mode allows the units to be programmed without the need for a PC to be connected to the system. Alternatively, the units can be programmed via a PC using the installation software.

The C-Bus 360 Degree Multi-Sensor has a 360 degree field of view with a minimum detection coverage of 10 metres and an IR range of 5 metres circular, when mounted 2.4 metres above the floor.

The unit is small and unobtrusive and is designed to be flush mounted. It is ideally suited for mounting in the ceiling or suspended ceiling tiles. The visible lens is approximately the size of a low voltage dichroic halogen lamp.

The sensor is capable of controlling up to 8 C-Bus Scenes (containing up to 40 C-Bus ‘Group Addresses’), or, directly controlling up to 8 C-Bus ‘Group Addresses’. Additionally, the C-Bus 360 Degree Multi-Sensor supports the ‘Corridor Linking’ feature often used in commercial building applications.

The unit incorporates three LEDs, of which, one can be programmed to turn on when movement is detected. This enables easy positioning and commissioning of the sensor.

The unit initiates a regular status report, which compares the status of all input and output units within the same C-Bus ‘Application Address’. If a state of disagreement exists between the output units and the input units, the C-Bus Multi-Sensor will change its internal state to suit the output.”


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