New C-Bus DMX Gateway Module Launched

 C-Bus DMX Gateway

Schneider Electric have just launched a new C-Bus DMX Gateway.  DMX is a control protocol originally developed for theatrical lighting.  The C-Bus DIN rail gateway allows you to map up to twelve C-Bus Group addresses to DMX channels.

“We at Schneider Electric have introduced a new device, C-Bus DMX Gateway. This makes it possible for our C-Bus input devices, such as wall switches, DLT’s and PIR’s and control lighting devices to interact with DMX devices, as if they were connected directly to the C-Bus network.

Our C-Bus DMX gateway is a one way device which is DIN rail mounted that maps C-Bus group addresses and levels to a DMX 512 A interface.

DMX-512-A describes the method of how data transmits between controllers and lighting equipment and accessories. This means devices made by different manufacturers can communicate with each other. The DMX 512 A was originally developed to provide theatrical effects and is now increasingly used on standard lighting products such as LED down lights and effects lights.

This gateway is very flexible to meet your needs, providing you with the ability to map up to twelve C-Bus Group addresses to multiple combinations of DMX Slot Addresses. For example you can map three individual features to three separate addresses, or map three separate groups to one address.”


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