UK Launch for CBus Wireless

At last it seems that C-Bus Wireless will be available in the UK very soon. This is especially great news for anyone that needs to retro-fit a smart lighting system into an existing property.

“New lighting controls from Clipsal, a brand of Schneider Electric, are unveiled during the Cedia Expo Exhibition at London’s Excel on 20-22 June 2006. The latest Clipsal C-Bus range boasts elegant styling, intelligent touch screens, programmable switches and now wireless systems. These bring not only new levels of convenience, but also the ability to program room lighting to create ambience or set moods.

Launched at Cedia the innovative new C-Bus wireless lighting control needs no special or additional wiring, which makes installing even the most complex of residential lighting control systems a fast and straightforward task.

C-Bus wireless wall switch modules are fitted just like ordinary light switches, and require only 230V live and switched live connections – not even a neutral is needed. This makes them easy to fit, in both new or existing installations, and completely eliminates the cost, inconvenience and disruption associated with channelling walls to accommodate new wiring…

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The modules can be programmed simply and quickly to provide a full range of functions, including two-, three- and multiple-way switching, and preset lighting scenes. Dimming units provide timer functions , and all operations can, if required, be operated from a compact hand-held remote control.

Special remote control options could include goodnight mode, which turns off all of the lights with a single press of a button, and panic mode, which turns on all of the lights, again with single button press. Remote control is also an invaluable aid for the elderly and for people with limited mobility.

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No PC or other additional equipment is needed for programming Clipsal’s C-Bus wireless system – all programming functions are accessed using the switches built into the modules. Using a “teach” mode, the room lighting can be set then stored in the module to give one-touch scene control. This feature also means that further modules can be added at will, or as the home is gradually remodelled. The same remote control can be used to operate all switches, if required.

End users naturally judge lighting accessories not only by their function but also their appearance and the C-Bus wireless range doesn’t disappoint. Styled as classical flush panels, the touch-button switch modules come in both Neo and Saturn finishes, and emit a soft amber backlight that aids location and adds to the aesthetic effect.

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For even more versatility, C-Bus wireless wall switches are complemented by plug adaptors. These simply plug into existing power sockets, allowing appliances such as table lamps, spa baths and pool pumps to be added to the control system. Wireless systems can also be totally integrated with C-Bus wired systems, opening up a comprehensive range of advanced home automation options.   :

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