Video Tour of £200K C-Bus Home Automation Installation

C-Bus Colour Touchscreen

Automated Home readers have long followed (and installed) the Clipsal C-Bus system.  Here's an interesting video tour around the home of Kevin O'Connor (CIO at Paddy Power bookmakers), showing the £200K C-Bus based system he installed as part of a recent £1M renovation project.

"Rather than build an indoor swimming pool or make room for tennis courts, Kevin O'Connor, CIO at Paddy Power, has spent £200,000 on a home automation system for his London home as part of a house renovation project costing over £1m.

The Clipsal home automation system controls the lights, underfloor heating and gas fires. Even the opening and closing of the curtains have been programmed using programming language, Pascal."   [Thanks Ian] :


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9 Comments on "Video Tour of £200K C-Bus Home Automation Installation"

  1. Watching the video hurts because the guy just stands in front of his control panel and talks and talks and talks instead of showing his installation. To be honest, I could not watch it to the end.

    And 200k pounds is a lot. I would be really intrested of the breakdown of this price because from what is shown it does not look like a really huge installation. Does it involve audio and video distribution (sorry when it is mentioned)?

    I still appreciate this attempt of sharing and I hope that it will be redone in more informal way that will digg more into this C-Bus installation.

  2. I priced up what I thought was a relatively small C-bus installation and it was going to cost £14k so I’m not surprised it cost £200k!

    C-bus is nice but far far far too expensive!

  3. I did watch it to the end – some interesting glimpses, interesting too that he programmed it himself, ‘though a shame he didn’t expand on that, especially since he mentioned context sensivitity … hmmm, I think that’s maybe a cue for a follow-up interview by you know who (!)

  4. Given the finish in the water tank and electrical room area, which is pretty poor and that hes programmed it. why has he paid the 200k?

  5. Unfortunately, these really advanced systems are pricey, although the ones with more basic functionality are much cheaper, and catching up quickly.

  6. Seems like an incredibly ‘ordinary’ install for the sums being talked about – where is the real innovation? Can’t help thinking the video hasn’t done the system justice…

  7. ‘wonder what the split might be, roughly, between AV aspects & the rest (light, heat, intra-comms) … ?

  8. Dear Automated Home,

    Would it possible to investicate this more? I.e. what is cost of the automation part, what is the cost of the other part.

    For example I do read from the linked article that “It uses 96 category 6 cable standards to power 10GB Ethernet technology.”.

    Now 10GB Ethernet tecnology is really expensive and when this is really used then it could be at least 1/4 of the cost.

    At current state this video is more like a anti advertisement for the C-Bus system and also for the home automation in general.

    It paints the picture that the home automation is something that is really expensive.

  9. Mike Melga | April 1, 2011 at 3:43 pm |

    200k? Well….You’ve been robbed!!!

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