xPL Support for Clipsal C-Bus


“The xPL team are pleased to announce the availability of the xPL C-Gate interface, which allows complete integration between Clipsal’s C-Bus and an xPL network. C-Gate is a software application provided by Clipsal for interfacing external applications with C-Bus. The xPL C-Gate interface acts as a bridge between xPL and C-Gate, providing seamless integration with all C-Bus input and output devices.

For those who already own a C-Bus PC interface, xPL C-Gate provides a low cost method of integrating C-Bus with any of the many xPL-enabled devices and software packages. At the time of writing, C-Gate is available from the Clipsal Integrated Systems web site free of charge for use on a single C-Bus network.

Full two-way communication between xPL and C-Bus is achieved through use of the control.cbus and sensor.cbus schemas, which are themselves derived from the standard control.basic and sensor.basic schemas. The control.cbus message can be issued by any device on the xPL network to control a C-Bus load. Events on the C-Bus network are reported as sensor.cbus messages, and can be acted on by any intelligent xPL receiver, such as xPLHal.”

Click HERE for xPL site.

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