New Mains Sockets with Built-in Powerline Technology

Powerline adapters have been around for a while.  They provide a great way to add an Ethernet socket to locations where running a network cable would be impractical.  Now UK tech start-up company, Power Ethernet, has launched the ‘PE Socket, the first product to integrate Powerline networking technology directly into an electrical outlet.

“Based on the HomePlug AV standard for Powerline networking, Power Ethernet’s all-in-one PE Socket combines four Ethernet network ports, a fully-managed network switch and a filtered power socket. It fits into a British Standard 35mm deep double gang metal back box and takes advantage of a building’s existing electrical wiring to create a high-speed and secure data network for connecting computers, Voice over IP phones, multimedia set-top boxes, Internet-connected TVs and other IP enabled devices.  The PE Sockets have been designed to enable electricians to start specifying and installing data networks in both commercial and residential buildings without the need for additional specialist cabling or networking knowledge.

Power Ethernet Managing Director, Daniel Rogoff: “The Power Ethernet socket is a true game changer for the electrical industry.  For the first time, electricians and electrical contractors can start specifying and installing data networks for customers without specialist cabling knowledge.  From Connected TVs and games consoles to CCTV and IP phones, there are a rapidly growing number of IP enabled devices in homes and workplaces that need high-speed, physical network connections.  I’m very excited to be launching a product that enables the electrical industry to play a big role in satisfying that demand.”

Power Ethernet Socket
Power Ethernet’s PE Socket is unique in integrating Powerline into the electrical fabric of a building and its sockets.  It’s a professionally engineered, reliable Powerline solution which has been aesthetic designed to ensure that the sockets can be installed in the most prominent of positions. This enables the creation of a high speed network without the need for unsightly adaptors or the disruption of running specialised cabling.

A Power Ethernet network delivers the advanced networking features that are required for both streaming video around the home and for enterprise-grade business networks.  However the simplicity of the product installation ensures that networks can be set-up without the need for specialist networking knowledge.

Installing two or more PE Sockets instantly creates a high speed, secure Ethernet network running across the existing electrical mains cabling.  Connecting any PE Socket to a broadband service enables the sharing of Internet connectivity and digital content among all the devices plugged into them.  More devices and additional rooms can be easily added to the network simply by installing additional PE Sockets so creating a truly flexible, affordable networking solution.”

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7 Comments on "New Mains Sockets with Built-in Powerline Technology"

  1. Good concept. For it to succeed, it need to be a lot cheaper.

    Current price in CPC is £144 – each. You need at least 2 to make it work.

    I’m sticking with the plug in versions for now.

  2. As soon as you start talking about multiple units, it cheaper to hard wire and re plaster your Walls. Also in today’s world you need double gang sockets at a minium

  3. Karl Hoskin | April 2, 2012 at 10:41 pm |

    288 GBP (coz you need 2 of them) buys an awful lot of cat-5e cable , patch panels , and rj45 outlets, and plastic conduit.

    With the above you way have a few cables to run, but they will be able to run gigabit ethernet, and not create loads of rf noise ( which most of this powerline ethernet stuff does )

    This is for those who don’t like cable pulling and have a load of money to waste.

  4. Saw them reviewed in the Sunday Times and did a google.

    CPC is showing this priced as £92.50 + VAT

    I am going to buy 3 and give them a try.

  5. Do these sockets require them all to be on the same ring final circuit?

  6. is there an eu version?

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