Useful Gadget of the Week: These PoE Splitters Power Non-PoE Devices

PoE Splitters

I’m all in on PoE. It’s incredibly useful and the combination of our UniFi switch plus the opportunity to run Cat6a around the house has left us with plenty of flexibility for the future.

It’s just as well, because I forgot to put a mains socket beside the entry point for our BT line. We’ll need power there once we get FTTP, but we can use PoE instead when the time comes.

What is a PoE Splitter?

PoE Splitters can help reduce your cabling woes by converting a non-PoE device to work with a PoE switch or injector. That includes things like IP Cameras, Wireless Access Points, VoIP phones etc. Another advantage of this setup is the ability to remotely reboot your electronics from your PoE managed switch by cycling the power on their port.

Here are a few PoE splitters with different features and price points worth considering for your own projects.

The DSLRKIT Active PoE Splitter is 802.3af compatible and splits out to a Micro USB Plug (5V) which is compatible with many domestic IP cameras. It’s also ideal for powering a Raspberry Pi remotely too. Best of all is the price.

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This TP-LINK Gigabit Ethernet PoE Splitter Adapter (TL-PoE10R) is another low price option from a well known brand with the accolade of being an Amazon Choice product too. It’s compatible with 802.3af and with its switchable output can supply up to 10W at 5VDC, 9W at 9VDC or 12W at 12VDC.

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This Ipolex Active PoE Splitter is a 10/100 option but as it’s 2-pack at this price it’s worth a look if you don’t need Gigabit Ethernet. It’s 802.3af compatible and can provide output power of 12V/1A, 15.4W.

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The BeMatik PoE to USB Splitter can convert your 802.3af PoE to 12VDC/1A power output in block terminal format, but also into 5VDC/2A power output in USB A-Females. It comes with 2 x USB-to-3.5mm DC-to-DC adapter cables too.

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Lastly, if you need one, here are Amazons current best selling PoE switches.

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