Eco Friendly Motion Sensing Low Energy Bulb

Eco Sensor Lamp

Here’s some more eco friendly home automation designed to give you that warm fuzzy, ‘saving the planet’ feeling.  The Eco Sensor Lamp is a compact florescent bulb with the usual long life and low energy features married to a PIR sensor and timer.

Eco Sensor Lamp

While it may be a little dumb in the grand scheme of today’s smart homes, its truly automated unlike many other systems.  Once movement is detected the bulb can be set to remain lit for anything from 10 seconds to 5 minutes.  Available in bayonet and screw fittings now at under £16…

“Adding to the eco-friendliness of this CFL bulb is a built-in infrared motion sensor that will automatically turn the bulb on when it senses movement nearby. A couple of settings dials allow you to program how long the bulb will stay on for, from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, or specify one of 5 different luminance levels when it’s activated. The bulb is rated for 8,000 hours of use, and I’m going to assume/hope the motion sensor can be switched off when you need it to stay on. ~$25 (£15.98) each from KJ Global.”   :   [Via]

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5 Comments on "Eco Friendly Motion Sensing Low Energy Bulb"

  1. This sounds like a really interesting product. I wonder what the start up time is to get to full brightness? as this is this biggest thing holding me back in replacing some of the lights in my house.

  2. To give this thing the ecological tag, the bulb segment would need to be replaceable. I’ve seen similar units for around £15 for use with standard tungsten bulbs.

  3. This could potentially solve a problem I have at the minute, relating to the use of Home Easy motion detecting lighting when married to a two-way stairs lighting system (tricky at best).

    Just looking at the image trying to figure out the best light fitting to disguise it, without preventing the sensor from working…

  4. How “eco friendly” is this bulb ie does it only come on in the dark?

  5. How well would this work with cats? Would not want it to be activated by them but could solve a problem of the kids always leaving the landing lights on.

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