Going Solar Part 6 – Entire First Years ‘Fuel’ Costs for Nissan Leaf EV – £235

Nissan Leaf EV - First Year Running Costs

Following close on the heals of the first anniversary of our Solar PV system, our Nissan Leaf completed its first full year with us on the 14th October.

First Full Year Fuel Costs

Here’s my spreadsheet showing the ‘fuel’ costs for the first years driving. At £235 it’s just a bit over 2 fills of my previous car, an incredibly economic way to travel.

Nissan Leaf Annual electricity fuel costs

In reality it’s even less than that because of the charges from our solar array. I’ve no way to quantify this as yet, but hopefully something like Zappi or OpenEVSE can help in the future (check out the videos below).

Join the Revolution

Two friends have also gone full electric this year – respect Darren & Nicola 😉 joining other mates that were full EV before me (thanks for your help Mark & Aggelos). Some family members are really keen too, and although the BEV and even PHEV choices are still less than awesome, the next few years should see a much wider choice.

While some prices can still be bonkers (£25K for a VW e-UP! anyone?) there are currently some mad deals on the ‘classic’ Nissan Leaf before the new model arrives. The offer below was spotted in a local shopping centre (seemed to be a 6,000 mile per annum PCP). Pretty unbeatable EV value…

Cheap Nissan Leaf PCP Deal

Photo courtesy of Scott McMurray

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Going Solar Part 6 – Entire First Years ‘Fuel’ Costs for Nissan Leaf EV – £235

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4 Comments on "Going Solar Part 6 – Entire First Years ‘Fuel’ Costs for Nissan Leaf EV – £235"

  1. That’s a really good deal for that car, I can’t find it for that price online. Do you have any links? Can’t wait for the Tesla 3 until 2019 now…

  2. @Gabi – deal was from these guys – shelbournemotors.com


  3. What mileage were you getting off a full charge please

  4. @Colin – around 85 miles in the 24kW Leaf

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