GreenWave Z-Wave Energy Display Shows Electricity, Water and Gas Consumption at a Glance

GreenWave Z-Wave

Home automation has acquired a more legitimate mantel in recent years, helping lose its reputation as merely promoting a couch potato lifestyle. Tasked with helping us all monitor, measure and change our energy usage, manufacturers like Z-Wave have been quick to see the potential of the green market for their smart home products.

Here’s the latest range from GreenWave Reality, giving users access to detailed electricity, gas and water consumption data as well as electric vehicle charging and time of day pricing.

New Energy Management Solution for the Smart Home – One of the major obstacles when it comes to saving energy in the home is the lack of visibility regarding the exact consumption. With its Energy Display, Z-Wave Alliance member GreenWave Reality now extends its platform that creates smart energy- efficient homes through the monitoring and controlling of devices. This system benefits both utilities and consumers; utilities enhance their relationship with consumers and can better balance energy on the grid while consumers can conserve energy with a minimal impact to their lifestyle by easily monitoring and controlling their appliances. To allow simple incorporation of the solution into a wireless home network, GreenWave Reality has integrated Z-Wave technology into the Energy Display, which is used in conjunction with its Gateway product.

GreenWave Reality, a leading innovator in the home energy management market, is also a member of the Z-Wave Alliance. This alliance, an open consortium of leading technology companies from across the world, is a respected expert in the field of wireless-based smart home solutions – including the exact measurement of energy consumption in homes. The combination of Z-Wave and the GreenWave Reality Energy Display provides consumers an affordable, secure, and easy-to-use device to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their energy consumption. The GreenWave Reality Energy Display gives users access to detailed electricity, gas and water consumption data as well as electric vehicle charging and time of day pricing.

GreenWave Z-Wave

Transparency and control in equal measure – In addition to its device monitoring function, the GreenWave Reality platform can be extended to actively control other Z-Wave compatible devices in a home energy management network. Customizable energy profiles can also be configured to control electricity and heating so they are used only when needed. The GreenWave Reality solution also connects to existing smart meters so consumers also benefit from increased visibility and control of their overall energy consumption.

Used in conjunction with the GreenWave Reality Gateway and PowerNodes (intelligent power strips), or other compatible adapter plugs, consumers can create a complete energy management network based on Z-Wave. The Energy Display can also be utilized outside of the GreenWave Reality home energy management platform as well, as it is suitable for use with Z-Wave compatible solutions from third parties.

The global portfolio of home control devices currently equipped with the Z-Wave wireless standard has grown in recent months to include approximately 450 products from more than 170 manufacturers located around the world. Alliance members have been focusing in particular on manufacturing smart metering products that can be interlinked to offer additional environmentally friendly energy management systems to domestic users.

Overview Features GreenWave Reality Z-Wave Energy Display:

  • Detailed Energy Display: Electricity, Water, Gas and Electric Vehicle Capable; Time of Day Pricing
  • Direct Connect, Multi-Level Dwelling, and AMI connectivity options
  • Internet controllable firmware updates, Messages & Alerts
  • Paired Energy Display and  Gateway solution
  • Z-Wave connectivity from the GreenWave Reality Gateway to the Energy Display
  • Scene controls, Electric Vehicle charging support, Heat pump and thermostat information and controls”   :   More Z-Wave Articles

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4 Comments on "GreenWave Z-Wave Energy Display Shows Electricity, Water and Gas Consumption at a Glance"

  1. looks good, so where can I get hold of any of the “GreenWave” products? I can’t seem to find any one that sells them in the UK.

  2. I can’t find anyone that sells this stuff

  3. Jasper Tielen | December 11, 2012 at 6:48 am |

    Where to buy?

  4. Greenwave look to be selling this via energy partners. I have been using this as a beta tester for the “E.ON Home Energy Management System”. I hope to find the time to write up a review for AH comparing it to Vera lite.

    They key difference is that the E.ON solution is focused on energy savings and is locked down. It is very good and very reliable but you have limited control.

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