Loxone Integrates Your Electric Car With Your Home Automation System

From today Loxone are offering the KEBA KeContact P20 electric car charger.

The wall box can be integrated with the Loxone system (including a PV system) to offer an intelligent e-car charging solution.

The Miniserver is able to collect all the data about charging necessary to qualify for the government’s homecharge grant (up to £700) and send it off automatically to OLEV.

If you live in an area with off-peak electricity prices, you can automatically activate charging your KeContact P20 when the cheaper night tariff begins.

When your car has finished charging, you’ll be notified by the Loxone Smart Home by e-mail or phone call. Alternatively, if you have a Loxone Music Server, you can set up the text-to-speech function to announce when the car has finished charging.

The collaboration of Loxone and KEBA, an internationally renowned provider of e-charging stations allows you to optimise how you charge your electric car at home. With the integration of a KEBA KeContact P20 wall box into your Loxone  Smart Home, you can specify when your vehicle should be charged: during off-peak energy demand times or when your PV system has additional self-produced energy. The Miniserver can balance the total load of the house to ensure you’re not buying energy from the grid when you don’t need to.

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Loxone integrate keba

The KEBA KeContact P20 wall box costs £975 including VAT.

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