New Z-Wave Unit Monitors Home Power Usage

Seluxit Z-Wave Homecontroller

Seluxit, a Danish company specialising in intelligent energy saving devices, has just launched the ViaSens home controller. The device is based on the Z-Wave standard and provides users with an overview of the status of all devices within their home control network.

The ViaSens Home Controller connects to a PC via USB and the free software retrieves information via sensors connected to the devices and provides a comprehensive, easy-to view analysis of it. Using the ViaSens controller, homeowners can continually monitor the power consumption of their household and can optimize energy consumption by adjusting their device settings.

The controller collects data on all devices within the home control network equipped with radio sensors such as light switches and dimmers, thermostats and power meters. The sensors, developed by Seluxit using Z-Wave wireless technology, will measure values such as temperature, air humidity, brightness, movements, power consumption, or charge capacities.

The software accompanying the controller processes the read-out values and displays the status of each device on a clear and intuitive graphical software interface. The values are edited in the form of graphs and diagrams. The combination of the Seluxit ViaSens Home Controller, sensors, and software provides for installing, configuring, and tracking a complete Z-Wave mesh network of wireless home control

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