QEES’ Green Living Solution for Z-Wave Based Smart Home Energy Management

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More ‘Z-Wave Helps Save the World’ type stuff today with the new QEES SmartGate and Open Software Platform.  The hardware and software pair, in conjunction with metering devices, enable home owners to monitor and control their energy usage.  The SmartGate is described as an “All-in-one-Gateway’ that replaces your wireless router and adds a telephone gateway, energy management and home controls.  With the Open Software Platform users can also configure and control entire smart home networks.

Protecting the environment and your budget by using less power – The Z-Wave Alliance member QEES has developed a smart metering solution that can manage and save energy in offices, hotels and homes.  The Green Living Solution consists of three key components: 1) QEES SmartGate, 2) QEES Open Software Platform and 3) interoperable metering and control devices. In order to enable wireless communication in home control solutions, QEES makes use of technology such as the proven Z-Wave wireless standard.

QEES recently presented the Green Living Solution to great acclaim at the Metering Europe/Smart Homes 2010 trade fair in Vienna. The product series will be available on the market at the beginning of 2011. The solution is based on the QEES SmartGate, which is an “All-in-one-Gateway” that can replace the traditional Wi-Fi router in most homes, as it unites a powerful NAT router, a firewall and a telephone gateway in one appliance. In addition, QEES SmartGate provides interfaces to modern energy management and home control solutions. For example, the gateway can easily be connected to Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and Bluetooth networks, with all devices (e.g. mobile telephones, touch screens etc.) being combined to form a control network. End-users are thus able to make use of intelligent home automation technology in order to reduce energy consumption in homes and offices etc., as well as benefiting from functions such as energy management, increased comfort and also security.   ­­

The QEES Open Software Platform is exactly that. It consists of a local management software in the SmartGate and a cloud-based management software for large-scale installations through energy utilities or telcos. Consumers can install and configure entire smart home networks, including all the individual network devices. This allows, for example, heating systems, air conditioning systems, lighting units and security systems to be controlled in an energy efficient manner. In order to save energy, the system can for example turn off devices that may otherwise have remained in standby mode, unless they are programmed to stay powered like the refrigerator, etc. The system also informs consumers about current energy consumption and makes it possible to check the status of devices remotely, for example by mobile telephone, regardless of where the user is actually located at that moment.    ­­­

Both QEES SmartGate and QEES Open Software Platform are interoperable with a wide range of home control products. QEES Green Living Solution can form the control, configuration and maintenance units for the efficient use of interlinked electronic appliances in homes or in offices and hotels etc.  ­

Making “green living” affordable – The QEES products and solutions were very well received by visitors at the Metering Europe/Smart Homes 2010 trade fair in Vienna. Just a few years ago, household automation was considered to be a luxury reserved for people with a particular interest in technology. Now, QEES has set itself the goal of providing comprehensive but affordable smart home and energy management solutions. Morten Bremild, Sales & Marketing Director at QEES, stresses the claim made by the company: “Everyone should have the opportunity to make use of smart home technologies. Energy management solutions offer great potential in terms of energy savings for private households, hotels, schools, offices etc. and thereby create the possibility of adopting a green and environmentally sustainable way of living – which we call green living.”

www.z-wavealliance.org   :   www.qees.eu

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