Tesla Launch Powerwall Home Battery [Updated with Video]

Elon Musk, what a guy, you gotta love him for this alone. The modern day tech hero has confirmed Tesla’s worst kept secret of recent times – the launch of a new battery for your home.

The Tesla Powerwall home battery is designed to do several things. Firstly it operates like one giant UPS, guaranteeing power for your whole house, or at least the essentials within it.

And that may be important in the near future if our hunger for power continues to outpace generation.

Secondly the battery can store the power you may be producing from your own renewable sources. It’s ideal to smooth out the notoriously unreliable wind generated electricity, storing the excess during the breeze and doling it out in the calms. Solar too has a little trouble at night time and the same thing applies.

Or for those that aren’t generating their own electricity, how about charging up your home battery during the cheaper off-peak night hours and then using the power during the day time.

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery UK

The system will be in 10 kWh ($3,500) and 7 kWh ($3,000) configurations and come with a ten year warranty (with an option for a ten year extension). Tesla Energy say deliveries will begin in the US this summer.


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  1. Perhaps I haven’t read the Tesla website correctly but I think they say in the small print that the necessary DC-AC invertor has to be supplied by others?

    Does this mean that the Tesla product is just a battery then and not a complete solution to power the home?

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