The WiSPP Wi-Fi Smart Plug Controls Appliances from iOS and Android

Here’s a new Wi-Fi controlled smart home socket called the WiSPP (WiFi Smart Point Plug).

The plugin remote controllable socket allows you to turn electrical devices On and off from any iPhone, iPad or Android device whether you are at home or not.

You remotely control your appliances using the app and view their status in real-time from anywhere in the world with Internet access. You can also schedule multiple timers and manually override them too. The makers say…

Once you’ve downloaded the free SmartPoint app to to your device and entered your details you can immediately begin to control your appliances without the usual messing about with your router.

Unlike the WeMo there is no port forwarding or DDNS setup required for outside-home remote control and unlike the WiFiPlug there is no account sign up required either – making it even safer for people to use without needing to sign over any credentials.

The WiSPP can switch 10 amps (2400W resistive load) enabling it to turn on and off appliances and devices including phones, cameras, lights and lamps, electronic blankets, irons, televisions, radios, fans and heating.

WiSPP Wi-Fi Smart Plug Diagram

WiSPP Wi-Fi Smart Plug - Front

Utilising Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G, users can even turn on and off devices from abroad or whilst out and about without being connected to Wi-Fi. The WiSPP also enables users to set countdown timers to schedule the turning off of fully charged appliances to prevent electricity wastage and overheating, set identities and remote access passwords. More than one device can be synced to control the WiSPP meaning that the less forgetful half of a couple can ensure that technology remains working as it should.

Up to 150 WiSPP plugs can be installed in a single location. Available now for under £40.

Available from Amazon

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  1. Just bought one, really easy to install and use well done!

  2. App doesn’t work on IOS11.

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