Video: iTouch Energy Show Off Clever Solar Vertical Blinds and Shutters

Northern Ireland startup iTouch Energy have been developing an innovative solar blind for several years now…

Our mission is to bring Sustainable Energy and Smart Home Technology into homes and offices through the vertical window space of high-rise buildings, especially in metropolitan cities where roof top solar panels solution is not viable.

Just last month the company was granted a US patent for the technology. We spoke to founder and CEO Dr. KianPeng Yong, and he told us…

We have successfully entered 2016 Propel programme by InvestNI and reached the top 5 companies for the “Breakthrough Company of the year award”. With the support from InvestNI, we have built the World First Smart Solar Blinds built right here in Sunny Belfast, validated and endorsed by Ulster University Centre of Sustainable Technologies.

iTouch Energy are putting together simple “Kit- Form” modules, providing a complete solution to blinds manufacturers to build new innovation products.

In addition to the Solar Vertical blinds, Dr Yong is working on these smart solar louvers…

We are currently putting together our very first Smart Solar Shutters. They have a built-in Smart Home module (WiFi and Bluetooth) along with integrated motors and batteries. We will embed solar cells in the louvers making it easy to install and maintenance free. No wires, no holes and no mess.

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  1. That’s awesome!

  2. Are the product in spore? Who to contact?

  3. I suspect the wife approval factor would be low on that design for domestic use. Not an issue for me un/fortunately*

    *take your pick!

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