The Beginning

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I had been trying for a long time to find a source for UK compatible X10 units. Suppliers that had previously sold them had stopped due to a problem with CE markings not being on their units. However eventually I found out about Laser Business Systems Ltd who are selling them RIGHT NOW.

My first project has been to control the lighting in my AV room via my universal remote control. I ordered 3 items from Laser :-

  • Lamp Module
  • In Wall Module
  • Infrared Controller

With these units I can now turn on, off or dim my ceiling or table lamps from my remote control. But of course this is just the start! There are several manufactures who produce 2-way X10 controllers. This adds a whole new dimension to the X10 home Automator.

These units will let you specify specific events or scenes – for example – pressing a button on your remote control could turn on your video, TV, AV amp turn the TV to the proper channel, dim the lights and close the curtains!! Another good example employs the use PIR’s around the house. Imagine your controller detects movement in your hall. First it checks the time. If it’s after dark the controller switches on the hall lighting. If it’s after say midnight the controller may just bring the lights up to 10% (visiting the wee room?). Anyway, you get the idea.

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