Here you can find a selection of useful downloads, from product manuals to Pronto CCF files.

Outlook 2 Yac 12kb 2847
Outlook 2 Yac is a utility to copy telephone numbers from your contacts in Outlook, into the popular Caller ID program YAC, therefore allowing YAC to identify your callers by name, rather than simply a number.
Easy Photo Grabber 981kb 1325
Video security surveillance solution for Windows. Grab video images from your (web) cam or capture card and create a photo archive on disk. Keep a watchful eye on your office, house, or shop – truly, any place you want to monitor.
Outlook 2 HomeVision 190kb 2999
This little app is very useful if you are a HomeVision owner wanting to create the cid_name.txt file for name lookup. With a couple of clicks you can create a file containing all of your Outlook contacts and their numbers. [Simon Croucher]
Taboo Channel Calculator 19kb 2557
Ray Barnetts Taboo Channel calculator – This handy little Windows app will show you what channels you can modulate your VCR, Satellite TV, TiVo, CCTV etc on your UHF setup. Find out the channels in use in your area and click on them. [More]
Home Easy Pronto RF Code Generator 90kb 2619
Rick Hunts free Windows application to produce RF codes for the Philips Pronto remote so it can control the Byron Home Easy home automation modules.  The Generator Will produce codes that will work with anything that is compatible with the HE200
Swatch DECT Phone Manual 556kb 4250
Swatch manual for the cordless II standard handset
MV1000 Network Video Server Manual 585kb 2571
The MV1000 was the subject of a buying frenzy for the UK home automation community in 2003 as it went on sale at around £50. Here is the manual for this CCTV Video Server.
MCE Remote Manual 304kb 1542
PDF Manual for Windows XP Media Center Edition IR Remote Control
UK Home Automation Wiring Guide 1.26mb 4586
The downloadable version of the on-line Automated Home UK Wiring Guide. Save yourself sometime by downloading this and extracting to a folder on your hard drive. Much quicker than waiting for all those pictures to download. This is an on-going DRAFT
TiVo / XBox Guide 9kb 2768
This is a brief guide on how to setup DailyMAil & Cron & Tivo Streaming to xbox (Word Document).
Bark Wave File 235kb 1239
This is a wave file that can be used for home automation. By triggering playback of this sound file, from movement detected round your property you can emulate the discontinued Rex-10 module.
UKHA2004 Review 574kb 2237
The UK Home Automation community have been meeting annually since 2001. The “UKHA2004” event was held on the 15th and 16th May 2004, in Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Hatfield, near London. This is our review of the event. 7,500 words plus pics
Pronto CCFs
Bush Internet Set-top Box (IBX100) CCF 4kb 2386
This Pronto CCF file contains codes for the Bush Internet set-top box – model number IBX100
AutomatedHome CCF 40kb 2956
I have used Daniel Tonks excellent ccf and gallery files for the basis of mine. Some of the loose ends need tidied up. Check out the Help button on the home panel. This turns Pronto into a true WFD (wife friendly device).
Dell Digital Audio Receiver CCF 7kb 1224
This Pronot CCF file contains codes for the Dell Digital Audio Receiver (DDAR) and the Rio badged version of the unit