Aeon Labs Tease with Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Doorbell

So this one’s a bit of a tease. If you’re on the look out for a Z-Wave doorbell then how does this sound…

Load the Aeotec doorbell with your favorite tunes and include it to your Z-Wave network to rediscover one of the basic elements of every home. The Z-Wave doorbell is easy to set up and fully customizable. Adjust the volume with short presses of the dedicated volume button. Skip from one ring tone to another by long-pressing the volume button.

Pair the doorbell with your Z-Wave Plus compatible gateway controller to configure the device remotely and include it in scenes or events featuring other components in your network. Use the doorbell to trigger Z-Wave enabled lighting. Receive notifications whenever someone rings your doorbell and let them in using a smart door lock.

Pretty damn close, right? The unit is already available in several international markets and we asked Aeon Labs when we could expect to see a UK version and they told us…

I’m afraid that we don’t have a UK date right now. We’re currently finalising a series of other core devices for the UK and, more broadly, the EU before focussing on a regional Doorbell.

Heartbreaker. Oh well, something to look forward to for next year maybe. Have you found a good Z-Wave doorbell? Let us know in the comments below.

[UPDATE – new version now available on Amazon]

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4 Comments on "Aeon Labs Tease with Aeotec Z-Wave Plus Doorbell"

  1. +Aeotec +1 for UK version…..

  2. This looks interesting, but gets terrible reviews on Amazon US where it is available.

  3. Shame it is not an intercom, still running Comfort mostly due to the door bell dial out function. Would like to replace it.

  4. UK version is actually Europe and more so a big market. Surely now the design is done it is just a matter of using the European z-wave chip.
    Functionality when used with your controller is excellent and reviews I have ead from the US are great as long as you mount it right.

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