At Last: New Z-Wave DIN Rail Dimmer from Qubino

If you’ve been looking for a Z-Wave dimmer in a DIN Rail mountable format (perhaps to upgrade from X10 dimmers) you’ve pretty much been out of luck, unless you cobbled something together yourself, until now.

Qubino, smart home specialist from Slovenia, have released their new MOSFET switching (trailing edge) Z-Wave dimmer in a DIN Rail form factor.

The unit supports low voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformers, dimmable compact fluorescent lights and dimmable LED bulbs too (the existing in-wall Qubino flush dimmer supports incandescent lights, mains halogens, dimmable fluorescents and dimmable LEDs).

The DIN dimmers internals feature low own energy consumption (less than 0,7W) and the module is capable of measuring the power consumption of the connected device in Watts and total consumption in kWh, so power consumption data can recorded without requiring any other hardware.

Qubino Z-Wave DIN Rail Dimmer Installation
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This Z-Wave module is used for dimming bulbs or to manage the speed of a fan. The module can be controlled either through a Z-Wave network or through the wall switch. The module is designed to be mounted inside an electrical cabinet onto DIN rail.

Module measures power consumption of bulb or fan and supports connection of digital temperature sensor. It is designed to act as repeater in order to improve range and stability of Z-wave network

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The Qubino Z-Wave DIN Rail Dimmer is available from Amazon.  :  More Z-Wave Posts  [Thanks Stuart]

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