AutoM8it – First UK Z-Wave Modules

AutoM8it are the first UK company to partner with Zensys the creators of Z-Wave RF home automation modules…

We are proud to announce our new partnership with z-wave and the arrival of the first UK Z-wave devices. We are expecting the first UK (CE approved) production shipments of z-wave devices in Q2 2004. We are currently interested in hearing from people wishing to place orders, if you would like to purchase z-wave devices, please email us at [email protected]

In summary z-wave offers the following features :-

  • X10 like control over lamps and appliances via Radio Frequency control not mains.
  • Easy Configuration, each device (lamp or appliance module) is allocated an ID and your whole house is allocated a HomeID.
  • Reliable communications, each signal transfer is acknowledged by the receiver.
  • Status Request functionality, devices can query the exact status of other devices.
  • RF Routing, if line of sight RF communication is not possible due to range issues, the signal can hop from one device to another until the final destination is reached…

Visit the AUTOM8IT Z-WAVE PAGE for more info.  ZENSYS HOMEPAGE

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