Aviosys Announce Next Generation IP Power 9258

The Aviosys IP Power 9258S/T (4 port) delivers higher reliability quality at competitive cost and has been selling well in worldwide remote power management market since 2004.

To meet increasing demand and different market requirement Aviosys is proud to announce a next generation advanced IP Power 9258XX, which has all features and functions from the standard model IP Power 9258S / 9258T, plus added new features :

Auto Ping . CNT. e-mail . Time Schedule . SDK . 3G smartphone support , Dual Cut Relay, Zero Cross design, Protection of ” Power Surge ” and ” Power Leakage — 3 mA ” for sensitive response , convention is 15 mA. Supports ” T5 Fluorescent Light ” and ” Inrush Current protection ” Networking Command — through the WebPage Command ( HTTP ), Manual Direct Command each port On/Off — without need connect to PC or connect to Network ( no need to use HTTP/ WebPage Command ) — Simply fingertip press the button ( from 1 to 4 port ) for controlling power ON/OFF, Power metering – detection of Current Consumption and Temperature Sensing – user can pre-set from 1 amp. to 9 amp. limited current to turn off output. If over 10 amp will auto turn off all output. Plug & play without need any cable plug adopter .

IP Power 9258XX (4 port ) will be available with 7 different countries power socket type to choose from

  • 9258GE – Germany
  • 9258FR – France
  • 9258AU – Australia / New Zealand
  • 9258US – US / Canada
  • 9258UK – United kingdom
  • 9258DK – Denmark
  • 9258SW – Switzerland

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Available from DigiDave   :   aviosys.com

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  1. And controllable via Control4 and the Extra Vegetable driver !!

    I currently use one to turn on a fan heater in my Summerhouse at the top of the garden at scheduled times and temperature automatically

  2. I’ve written an Android app to control these switches. It’s called PowerIP and is available on Google Play here: http://bit.ly/14lr6lG

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