Building the Ultimate DIY Home Automation Ceiling Multisensor

DIY Home Automation Multi-sensor

We’re always in awe of the skills that DIY home automators possess and Mat Smith is no exception.

His latest project is this ceiling-mount Multisensor for home automation. Designed to fit over a standard UK back box, the 3D printed enclosure is a bit of a work of art (check out the attention to detail just put into that twist lock mechanism).

Mat aims to include a PIR plus sensors for microwave, temperature, humidity, pressure and ambient light. The unit also takes inspiration from the latest Loxone Sensor, employing a microphone to extend the ‘presence’ value in the room.

Neopixel LEDs around the enclosure will be used to provide status feedback and perhaps even serve as a nightlight too.

Check out the video below…

4 Comments on "Building the Ultimate DIY Home Automation Ceiling Multisensor"

  1. Vijay Vithani | January 18, 2021 at 8:27 am |

    18 minutes of Super Awe! It only took him about 5 seconds to prove to me, how dumb I was! In the words of Donald Rumsfeld, these are the Unknown Unkowns! The things I didn’t even know I didn’t know!
    Super Respect!
    Watched it a few times – in awe each time!
    Thank you Mark.

  2. @Vijay – Mat’s a super smart guy, love his stuff 🙂

  3. Super idea, and well executed!

    One thing…does one need intumescent sealant if the back box itself is not heat/fire proof (ie plastic)? With a metal back box it would be worth doing. Or have I missed something here?

  4. Yes to wimsowebmaster, definitely needs a fire safe method of fixing. I glossed over that in the vid, but for my current test version it has no back box at all, but a fire caulked hole in the ceiling which works ok. When I come to rolling them out to every room I’ll use the metal backboxes you can get with intumescent seals

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