Cheap Matrix Switcher from Keene

Submission by Nick Shore – “An advanced scart switchbox with some interesting features; the HSR1000 is effectively a Home Cinema friendly 7×3 Matrix switcher. There are seven inputs in total (six scart plus front AV), any of which can be independently routed to one of four outputs (three AV plus one audio only).

For example you could have your DVD player routed to your TV, your satellite routed to your VCR, your Freeview box routed to your Video sender and another input routed to your Hi-Fi! Four of the input scarts supports RGB, one is composite only and one is composite or s-video. The HSR1000 also supports digital audio (SPDIF) for three of the inputs. Finally, it can be set to switch automatically or operated manually via the front panel or with the supplied IR remote.”

SCART Matrix Switchers

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