Cytech Announce LightwaveRF Interface for Comfort Security System

Cytech have added yet another system to their list of devices that can be controlled from their Comfort security and home automation panel.  The new setup now allows LightwaveRF users to control their system from Comfort….

Today we are announcing that Comfort is now able to interface to the LightwaveRF system from JSJS Designs.  This requires the Universal UCM with Ethernet Interface and the Wifi-link from LightwaveRF.  Together this setup brings control of the systems from an iPhone or iPad.

Using Comfort and the Universal UCM, commands can be sent to any LightwaveRF device.  The Universal UCM allows interfacing of almost any 3rd party home automation system with Comfort. This can be ordered with a RS232, RS485 (Isolated) , or Ethernet interface depending on the device to be connected.

The Universal UCM can be programmed for baud rate, parity, checksum and other parameters to match that of the 3rd party device. It has a user interface which allows any command to be sent to the device. Commands or messages can also be received from the other device and mapped to Comfort Registers like Counters, Sensors, Keypad keys and Virtual Inputs. However the LightwaveRF product is only one way, ie it accepts commands but does not send status.

An application note on how to set up and program the Universal UCM to talk to LightwaveRF can be downloaded here.   The Universal UCM Manual is available here

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