EIB Shop Teams Up With Theben

“EIBshop.co.uk teams up with Theben, the acknowledged European leader in EIB/KNX heating control, multi-channel dimming and timers – Theben, a well-established Germany manufacturer of EIB/KNX (European Installation Bus) products, have teamed up with EIBshop.co.uk to provide products and technical support to UK users.

“We are delighted to be able to showcase our control products with EIB Shop”, says Edwin Soltek, Export manager for Theben, “I believe the EIB market in the UK is about to take off, and EIB Shop is a great way for us to get our new devices to the people that need them”.

The relationship is kicked off with the launch of the new Mix-series range of switch and dimming actuators that ‘bolt together’ for cost effective system build-up. Each installation only requires a single base module to which can be attached up to two extension modules of any type. This might result in 8 switching channels and a 1000W/VA dimmed circuit all controlled from one bus connection. The switches and dimmers all have manual on/off control.

Also being launched is a combined outdoor sensor, or weather station, which provides functions of wind, temperature, rain and brightness straight to the bus. A whole host of functions from one device.

For those new to it, EIB is an almost infinitely scalable building management system whose functions include lighting, curtains, and heating control to name but a few. EIB is well established and has been highly popular in Europe for many years. As a genuinely ‘open system’ parts made by different manufacturers work together seamlessly and are programmed from a common software tool called ETS. It is appropriate for installations from flats to airports!


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