Fibaro Launch New Home Center Lite Home Automation Controller [Updated]

Building on the success of their award winning Home Center 2, Polish smart home specialist Fibaro have today announced a brand new home automation controller, the Home Center Lite.

The compact unit (90 x 90 x 33 mm) employs a 720MHz Cortex A8 processor and its on-board Z-Wave radio can manage up to 230 devices.

The HC Lite ships with a wall-wart style power connector, Ethernet cable to connect to your Router (no Wi-Fi) and detachable Z-Wave antenna.  The system provides comprehensive Home management through its Rooms, Devices and Scenes setup and can also track your family members with its geo localisation GPS feature.

In conjunction with Fibaro’s range of Z-Wave sensors, The HC Lite can warn you of an impending fire, gas leak, flooding or break in.  It can cut the water or gas supply once a leak is detected, and ventilate the house if necessary. Having discovered a break-in attempt, HCL can trigger your alarm and feed live preview from your CCTV cameras directly to your mobile devices.

Fibaro Home Center Lite - Rear

Its built in power management functionality allows you to monitor your current energy consumption and using the historical data you’ll be able to spot your must power hungry devices.

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Everything is controllable through Fibaro’s smartphone and tablet apps and a web browser.  The HCL can even control how much screen time your children get watching TV or playing their video games.

Fibaro Home Center Lite LEDs

Optional Battery and GSM modules will be available in the future to allow the HCL system to continue to operate during a power cut or Cable/ADSL broadband outage.

Fibaro Home Center Lite Optional Battery and GSM Modules

HC Lite is a tiny device with huge potential. Incredibly quick and efficient, yet inexpensive. Control your home from anywhere in the World using a mobile phone or tablet and begin creating your own world of delights and convenience, provided by an innovative range of products.

As usual Vesternet will have the first European stock of the £250 controller which should be available as early as tomorrow.

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[Update 1] We’ve added an unboxing video that’s popped up on YouTube and here’s a link to Vesternet’s comparison page for the 2 Fibaro Home Centers to help you decide which is best for you.

[Update 2] We’ve now added the Vesternet video below.  :  Our Fibaro Home Center 2 Review

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  1. Some interesting claims in the press release. As an owner of the original daddy HC2 I wonder when all the claimed features will be consumer ready and working?

  2. A bit expensive, certainly when comparing with ZipaBox (which is expensive IMHO too) or Revolv (the same price range but Revolv has 7 radios!).

  3. Sisteme supraveghere | September 17, 2014 at 9:05 am |

    Where find ZipaBox?

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