Goji Smart Lock Includes Built-in Camera to Snap Callers at your Door

The Goji Smart Lock is the latest smart home project looking for your crowd sourced funding on Indiegogo.  The system uses buetooth to operate from your smartphone and it’s built in camera sends you a picture of who’s at your door.

You can send electronic keys to friends with a text or an email, and you can set up the access to be unlimited or to include specific date/day and time parameters.  With a predicted retail price of around $280 the unit should be on general release in early  2014.  Check out the video below…

The Goji Smart Lock presents a contemporary new look for a deadbolt lock: a sleek, modern disc in brushed metal with a subtle blue-text LED display that welcomes users by name when the lock is activated. The display also shows the lock/unlock status, and dates and times of all entries and exits. Its elegant simplicity fits with any home décor.

indiegogo.com/projects/goji-smart-lock    :   More Smart Home Security Products

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3 Comments on "Goji Smart Lock Includes Built-in Camera to Snap Callers at your Door"

  1. Tracy Payne | May 5, 2015 at 1:15 pm |

    Dear or Madam,
    Can I buy the lock in the UK? If so how much does it cost.
    Many Thanks T A Payne

  2. Try SkyBell – link at the bottom of This Page

  3. Can it be used by unlimited number of smaertphones? For example 30 people all needing access to the entrance throught the day and night.

    Did you find a uk supplier?

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