HomeVision – 19 Inch Rack

The following is an account of Keith Doxey’s conversion of my HomeVision into a 19″ rack mount case.  Keith Doxey’s DIY Home Automation website can be found here www.diyha.co.uk

 2U high 19″ Rack Case is from Maplins (Part Number XM69)

The 19″ rack base showing the HomeVision expansion board already mounted on nylon spacers. A second set of spacers has been installed to facilitate a second expansion board in the future.

Keith measures up before cutting out the front panel and making the spacers to support the HomeVision unit as it is slightly above the base of the case.

The HV case is slid into the cut-out from the front. The HV board is slid into the aluminium extrusion and screwed in from behind as normal. This way the board can be easily taken out if required.

The back panel is attached after cutting a slot large enough to take all the cables and the serial plug. Connections made to the expansion board etc and the TW523 is mounted inside the case too (this is placed where the 2nd expansion board will go for convenience, but it can be moved to the space behind HV in the future)

Front view of the case showing the cut-out on the rear panel.

The lid goes on.

HomeVison in its new 19″ home!

Many thanks to Keith Doxey for all his hard work!!


Click Here for Custom Solution’s official page on the “International Version” of HomeVision.

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