HomeVision – Description


Here are some pictures of the home automation controller I use – the HomeVision from Custom Solutions Inc.

The front panel houses 7 LED’s as well as both infrared receivers and transmitters. The LED’s are (going from left to right) Power On, TW523 Status, User, X-10 Receive, X-10 Transmit, IR Receive and IR Transmit.


The rear of the unit has 6 connections. Going from left to right they are – Video In (top), Video out, Serial RS-232, TW523, IR Out, Power (9V DC).


And here this inside! The chip with the white label on the top left is the firmware PROM. The 3 orange lines are the block connectors for the digital I/Os.

Click here to see what additional requirements are necessary for HomeVision in the UK

Click Here for Custom Solution’s official pages on the HomeVision.

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