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When importing a HomeVision into the UK you will need to obtain two additional components to make it work. This article details exactly what they are, and what you need to do with them.

Power Transformer – You need a transformer with the following specifications – 9 Volts DV, 300mA transformer with female 2.0mm or 2.1mm centre hole (centre positive, outside ground).

I obtained mine from Maplin Electronics for around £10 (catalogue number JC91).

X-10 Power Line Interface – The other component that plugs into the mains is the device that interfaces the HomeVision to the power line. Currently there are two models to choose from.

  • The first is the TW523.  This is the unit that I use and it was obtained from Laser Business Systems (approx. £30). It is a modified American unit.
  • The newer TW7223 has CE approval and appears to be a proper 220V 50Hz version of the TW523 specifically designed for Europe. Again this is available from Laser Business Systems (approx. £35).


Optional Components

In addition to the two items above that are required for HomeVision to work there are other components that you may wish to add that are optional.
Caller ID Interface – The CTI Meteor is an interface that can pass UK Caller ID data to HomeVision (via a PC).

Other UK Issues

The “Day Light Saving” option in the HomeVision software is not compatible with the UK. If you use this you will find your HomeVision controller changing to British Summer time on the wrong week. At the time of writing there are no plans for the software to support the UK time change. However from version 2.7 on of the HomeVision software it is possible to program these time changes as scheduled events. Here’s a quote from the HomeVision International Version page.

“HomeVision version 2.7 gives you the ability to adjust the clock within your schedule. You can
create scheduled events which run on the specific days daylight savings starts and stops
and change the time accordingly in the event.”

Now…all we need to know if when the changes should occur.  The following is taken from
the “Royal Observatory Greenwich” website

“From 1998 BST will be kept from the last Sunday in March until the last Sunday in October.

1998 March 29 to October 25
1999 March 28 to October 31
2000 March 26 to October 29
2001 March 25 to October 28
2002 March 31 to October 27
2003 March 30 to October 26
2004 March 28 to October 31
2005 March 27 to October 30
2006 March 26 to October 29
2007 March 25 to October 28

All changes to be at 1 am GMT.”

The dates for other years are available HERE.

OK…so now it’s a simple matter of programming this as a scheduled event. Here is the extract from my schedule to enable the automatic adjustment of the controller clock for BST (both events are set for 1:00am)…



Date is: (Days= Su) (Dates= 25,26,27,28,29,30,31) (Months=


Controller command: Set clock ahead 60 minutes

Set flag #2 (BST)

End If



Date is: (Days= Su) (Dates= 25,26,27,28,29,30,31) (Months=

And Flag #2 (BST) is set


Controller command: Set clock back 60 minutes

Clear flag #2 (BST)

End If

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pictures and read a description of

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