Homey Announce v2.0 Plus Homey Pro – Z-Wave, ZigBee, WiFi, BLE, IR, 433 & 868 MHz

Homey Smart Home Hub v2

The UK launch of Homey back in the Spring of 2017 was the most read post on Automated Home that year. The idea of a Smart Home Hub with onboard hardware for Z-Wave, ZigBee, WiFi, BLE, IR, 433 & 868 MHz was so enticing. Now Homey have announced 3 new updates.

Firstly, there’s a free software upgrade, which is available to all current Homey owners..

Today we are proud to announce that we have released Homey v2.0, a free update available to all Homey users. It’s the largest update we’ve ever created and we couldn’t be more excited to finally ship it.

You can download the new app at get.homey.app and use it to install the new firmware. Next there’s new hardware for the Homey Hub itself…

Homey (Early 2019) is the next generation of Homey, shipping to customers today. Together with the powerful Homey v2.0 software it is the best Homey for everyday use. Compared to previous revisions, we have decided to remove NFC and the Microphones because both features were rarely used and the latter never met our highest quality standards.

Homey v2 App

Lastly there’s a new ‘Pro’ version of Homey that upgrades the CPU from single core to dual core and doubles the RAM to 1 GB…

Today we are announcing Homey Pro, a faster Homey designed for the power user. With a 1 GHz Dual Core CPU and 1 GB of RAM, users can now install more than twice the amount of apps on Homey Pro. This is truly limitless home automation.

Homey Pro is available for pre-order now at €399 (€100 more than the standard version) and will ship in February. But which version is right for you? Here’s the answer from their FAQ…

As a rule of thumb, one brand needs one app. For example, if you have seven Philips Hue lights, two IKEA TRÅDFRI light bulbs and one Sonos speaker, you will need 3 apps. Homey can run between 15 and 20 apps flawlessly. If you install more, the experience might become slow or unresponsive.

Homey Pro can run more than twice that amount, so at least more than 40 apps, depending on the kind of apps you’re using. For example, a simple app for Z-Wave devices uses less memory than a full-suite home security app. If you have more than 15 brands of devices, you might consider buying Homey Pro. For most users, the regular Homey is the right choice.

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  1. Where is Homey normally sold? There are only 3 reviews on Amazon UK (and the product has been out for years, right?), so that seems to indicate very low traction compared to many other products in the category. Innovative players do tend to start small; but this is no longer the starting point for this product and company. What am I missing? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Athom-Homey-Smart-Home-Hub/dp/B06XH2LDDP/

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