ICENET-NGWs new Phantom HSI Server

Submission by James Sampson

I am now the proud owner of an ICENET-NGW Phantom Home Services Integration Server, and I am more than impressed!After paying a hefty £4000 for the server anything less than perfection just would not be good enough!

The HSI server is basically a very good computer integrating your TV, HIFI, DVD/VCR, alarm and other HA possibilities. All in a case that looks like a very very cool HIFI… I chose the top of the range server that would normally retail for some £7000 (I opted out of the projector that normally comes with it). The phantom sports a 2.4Ghz P4 with 1GB ram and a total of 360GB of storage! not to mention the DVD RW, WIFI, Bluetooth and an internal ADSL modem and router!

If thats not good enough the engineer that came round on Friday to install the system, not just set up the server but configured all our other devices to work with it!

ICENET-NGW can’t be found on the web yet as apparently their website is not ready for launch but they can be reached by e-mail ([email protected]) and phone (0118 9597884).

Im gonna keep playing this is great!

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