In Depth Review of New Devolo Z-Wave Home Control System

The guys at Vesternet have just publish a huge in depth review of the brand new Devolo Smart Home Control System.

The range is made up of a new Z-Wave Plus controller and a variety of re-badged Z-Wave devices running Devolo’s own firmware.

Uniquely the central controller has built in Powerline tech meaning it doesn’t have to be based beside your router…

Flicking through the manual though and it soon becomes clear why devolo have chosen this design for their controller – you can integrate it directly into an existing dLAN network!  That’s right, if you already make use of devolo dLAN network extenders, you can simply plug the devolo controller into any electric socket and add it to the network.  So you don’t even need an Ethernet connection.  This is a really cool idea as it means you can now cite the controller in a more central location in your home and not be tied to needing a physical connection to your Internet router.

Devolo Home Control Starter Pack

The controller has a comprehensive web dashboard to control and program your devices, groups, schedules, scenes and Rules for controlling logic. There’s an App for iOS and Android and you can get an idea of the web interface for the system from this online demo .

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