Insteon Compatible Wireless Remote Control

“Control Any INSTEON-Compatible Device Remotely With This Wireless Remote Control – Have you ever wished you could control lighting scenes with a handheld remote from the comfort of your couch?

The RemoteLinc is the first wireless remote to send INSTEON commands to your lighting and appliances to control them remotely, turning any INSTEON-compatible device in your home on and off at the press of a button. You can even create multiple lighting scenes and dim lights to romantic levels with this handy wireless remote that fits in your hand. An AccessPoint is required for use of the RemoteLinc and is sold separately.

How it Works – The RemoteLinc sends commands via RF to an AccessPoint (sold separately), a plug-in module that bridges these commands to the powerline to deliver power and scene commands to INSTEON-compatible devices throughout the house. The RemoteLinc can control up to six lights or groups of lights connected to your INSTEON network; each connected light will need to be controlled by an INSTEON-compatible SwitchLinc or plugged into a LampLinc.

To control a fan, start a coffee pot brewing, or trigger any other appliance to turn on or off, plug it into an ApplianceLinc. The RemoteLinc is powered by the four included AAA alkaline batteries; it will also function with rechargeable batteries (sold separately). Easy Setup
The RemoteLinc can be set up in less than five minutes to control any connected device remotely using a simple “Plug and Tap” setup process.

To control “linked” devices, you can tap one of the RemoteLinc’s buttons on or off, or you can hold a button to brighten or dim. Each of the six ON/OFF buttons on the RemoteLinc can be set up to control every light or just one light in the home remotely to create dramatic lighting scenes.

  • The world’s first INSTEON-Compatible remote control!
  • Customize and control entire scenes with each of the 6 buttons plus ALL ON & OFF
  • Label your scenes under the RemoteLinc’s clear mylar cover”

INSTEON-Compatible Wireless Remote Control

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