Keene Eye Routing Commander Controls Multiple Sky Boxes

Here’s a new device that will be a boon to custom installers and DIY home automators alike.  The Keene Eye Routing Commander (or KERC for short) is a device that allows multiple Sky tuners in the same location – perhaps a cabinet or 19″ rack – to be controlled individually.

KERC – Achieve independent control of multiple SKY Receivers within the same cabinet. The KERC is a sophisticated IR Control Distribution device, designed primarily for use with UK SKY® satellite decoders. It is particularly suited to installations of multiple SKY® receivers as it is able to overcome the problem of receivers of the same type all responding to the same IR code.

The KERC is able to decode the different modes of SKY® IR control signals and route them to specific receiver outputs as required.

It achieves this by making use of a facility already built-in to the remote control. The supplied remote control for each SKY® receiver can be set to one of three different receiver types (standard, SKY+® & SKYHD®) and also to one of four different modes, (0,1,2 & 3) giving a total of 12 possible types of IR code. The KERC is able to distinguish between these different types and route the IR signal accordingly.

Keene KERC
  • Independently control multiple SKY receivers within the same cabinet
  • Provides a “hard-wired” in cabinet solution
  • Eliminate IR bleed and cross talk
  • Will work with original SKY remotes”

The KERC is available now £99.00

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  1. £99.99 – That is very expensive, the global SCP4 is at least half the price of that.

    Works fine, although it is a little lossy.


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