Keene IR Anywhere KIRA-CC IP Contact Closure Module with IR & RS232

The guys at Keene Electronics have an interesting new smart home controller in the works.

The KIRACC Contact Closure module provides a number of ways to control your devices via your local network and across the Internet.

Keene say commands can be issued simply by accessing the built in web pages via any device with a browser.  Alternatively you can use their open API to integrate seamlessly with a number of other IP control systems and apps for tables and smart phones.

Store up to 150 IR codes on board (pronto file format supported) and send them to 2 individually addressable IR ports to control your devices.  In addition you can use the 2 built in relays (48V 6A) to trigger your smart home projects. Finally the RS232 serial to TCP/IP bridge can store strings to be used to control devices from an app or form part of a macro which can be built to include IR and Relay instructions too.

Infra Red
• Infra Red over IP – use either as a real time IR transmitter in conjunction with another KIRA module, or use IP control to blast any of the 150 IR codes stored within the on-board memory.
• Two IR emitter outputs, individually routable.
• 20 macro commands, each up to 30 steps.
• Built-in dedicated high accuracy IR code learning receiver.

Contact Closure
• Two isolated relay contacts, each rated at 48V 6A.
• The relays can be set to open, close or pulse with configurable timings.
• Both relays feature pluggable Phoenix connectors for easy installation.

• Contains a TCP/IP to RS232 server that can be used as an RS232 / TCPIP bridge.
• RS232 strings can be stored into on-board memory and triggered by IP from an app or as part
of a macro.

The Keene IR Anywhere KIRA-CC IP Contact Closure Module with IR and RS232 is available to pre-order now on the link below (shipping end of this month) for around £130.

Keene KIRA-CC Rear

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