Keene Launch IR Over IP Modules


Keene IR Anywhere IR over IP

We reported back in June on some interesting new modules Keene Electronics were working on.  Well their IR Anywhere product has now been launched, allowing you to send your IR remote control signals across IP networks.

“The IR Anywhere modules are physically identical and can be software configured to act as either a receiver, as a target or as a stand alone.  A receiver will receive an IR command, convert it to packet data and send that data to a pre-determined IP address (usually another module).

A target module will decode the received data and retransmit the IR as originally received. Once correctly configured, one target can receive data from multiple receivers.

A stand alone module will operate as a target receiver without attempting to locate a compatible PC or other module on the local network.

How you configure the modules will depend largely upon how you wish to use them in operation. You can use them as a transmit/receive pair across a local network or across the internet, or a module can be configured to respond to commands from a computer or other compatible device.

The modules will operate via LAN, and also via WAN assuming firewall and routers are correctly configured.

PC software can be downloaded for configuration and operation. Enhanced scheduling software and other 3rd party applications are also in development. The configuration software and other software news will always be available at

The modules are compatible with 36-40K IR signals which covers the majority of domestic AV equipment. A wide band IR receiver can be purchased separately that will extend the range to cover 20KHz to 120KHz if required. The IR Inputs and outputs are fully compatible with the Keene IR Distribution range so other styles of receivers and emitter wands can easily be incorporated.

  • Control IR equipment via local network or anywhere in the world via internet
  • Can be combined with IR distribution system for large installations
  • One-to-one or many-to-one control”

IR Anywhere

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