KickStarter: Lucid Labs Cipher USB to DMX Lighting Interfaces

Here’s a new Kickstarter campagin to launch a simple to use USB to DMX lighting interface that works with free software allowing you to easily control DMX lighting systems.

Two different Cipher Models will be available on kickstarter: the Cipher Lite and Cipher Pro. Both models allow the same precise control of a full 512 channel DMX network. The Cipher Lite is perfect for people just getting into DMX lighting control or those using it for hobby applications. By mounting the Cipher Lite in a snap-together laser-cut acrylic enclosure we are able to keep the price down to an affordable level. The Cipher Pro is designed for professional applications and will ship in a durable cast aluminum enclosure available in a variety of powder-coated color choices. Additionally, the Cipher Pro features fully isolated circuitry, protecting your computer from surges, a must for professional applications.

The Cipher Lite ($39.99) and Cipher Pro ($124.99) models are available on early bird special at Kickstarter now.

[UPDATE] Lucid Laboratories tell us Freestyler is their preferred free software of choice (easy-to-use with smartphone control) and also recommend Q Light Controller and DMXControl.  :  Lucid Labs Cipher on KickStarter

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