Kickstarter: MOVE Solar Powered Motorized Blind & Shade Controller

We’re back from holiday relaxed and refreshed and ready to hurtle towards an Automated Autumn (looking out the window at the UK ‘Summer’ that’s not hard to imagine).

So here’s an interesting new Kickstarter for your perusal. The MOVE team promise a easy to fit $29 Bluetooth controlled motor for your existing indoor blinds and shades…

Anybody can easily and quickly install MOVE without the need of craftsman or electrician. Its housing is either fastened using wall bracket or dual side tape. We wanted MOVE to be as easy as possible to install out of the box so we made MOVE run on standard batteries (4 x AAA) as default and by using our included solar panel in combination with rechargeable batteries MOVE will become self-sufficient. MOVE can also be installed with permanent power by using a USB port power supply with a micro USB cable (not included).

For more information on MOVE or to support the project check out the links below.  :

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  1. I like the look of this. has potential…

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